2010-2011 ❚ Gitarre ❚ 15′

“Schabefleisch” (2010/2011) is a composition for acoustic guitar. The piece, whilst often being very quiet is not to be amplified, tries a new approach by dealing with aspects of the instrumental construction. Those aspects are being researched, explored, arranged, and put into a more far-reaching musical context. With hands and tools, the performer handles the instrument, which the title refers to as terminus technicus. “M”, a film by Fritz Lang from 1931, serves as the actual point of reference. The word Schabefleisch (Ger. ground meat) is being quoted by children playing in the courtyard when repeating a traditional counting-out rhyme, “Warte, warte nur ein Weilchen, bald kommt der Schwarze Mann zu dir”. Fritz Lang makes the story about a murderer the dramatic foil of the film, to in the end let the perspective shift and to plea for fundamental rights.

The work was premiered by and written for Martin Steuber.

Uraufführung: Martin Steuber, Hochschule für Musik und Theater Leipzig, 25. Mai 2011


21.06.2014 / Leipzig / Kulturkaffee plan b / forma Leipzig / Martin Steuber
26.07.2012 / Darmstadt / Int. Ferienkurse (Akademie für Tonkunst) / Martin Steuber
05.05.2012 / Berlin / Genezarethkirche / Seth Josel
25.09.2011 / Berlin / LEAP / Seth Josel
20.08.2011 / Stuttgart / Schloss Solitude / Seth Josel
25.05.2011 / Leipzig / Hochschule für Musik und Theater / Martin Steuber
19.05.2011 / Leipzig / Hochschule für Musik und Theater / Martin Steuber / Uraufführung


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