The Sleeping Beauty

2010 ❚ Ensemble animation short ❚ 10′

Silhouette animation short film by Lotte Reiniger (1954) / Film score for live performance (2010)

Performance remarks: For synchronization, a click track is being employed herunterladen. Being the soundtrack of the actual video file, it provides perfect timing. Headphones for each of the six players are necessary. As click track, film picture, and music score fit together precisely, the musicians do not need to watch the film whilst performing, quite the contrary, a certain aesthetic quality arises from the abstraction of animation and rhythm herunterladen.

Notes on the compositional method:

Transliterating time structure of a film into music from Stefan Beyer on Vimeo gratis powerpoint herunterladen.


First performance
October 2010, Nishni Novgorod and Moscow (Russia)