notoriously pyratish

2007 ❚ Accordion ❚ 10′

The work notoriously pyratish was created in 2007 for Luka Juhart, the soloist of the premiere youtube videos über handy downloaden. It renders homage to the long-forgotten maritime social character of a dying art: the accordion, or “seaman’s squeezebox”. As an instrument, it possesses a great and indeed frivolous versatility – a boundlessness that is similar to that of a sailor (not to mention a pirate) herunterladen.

He is free and without ties, humble and awe-filled and drunken; fit to face the rough and hard conditions with which he is confronted; on land he roves through brothels and bawdy houses (here: five or six, formalised in fragments) and at sea he abandons the heteronormative conservatisms of dry land moorhuhn. (By which means he testifies to his actual, excellent role and his position of privilege for heroism and leadership in – piratical – male societies, cf sophos update manager binaries. Blüher, Hans, Die Rolle der Erotik in der männlichen Gesellschaft. 2 vols., Jena 1917/19.) The intercourse on board is wild and unyielding, sometimes abrupt, sometimes comatose, life is unsteady and uncertain herunterladen. Scepticism characterises the land-lubber spirit compared to the notoriety at sea.

The accordion piece, composed of individual images, corresponds to this homeless and shadowy world of the sailor: after all, what remains for the perfidious and extralegally active sailor but to indulge in the moment steam paused? notoriously pyratish is a collection of close-ups, always adrift, absolute, hallucinatory. Unequal in form (at times hoelderlinesquely fragmentary, at times musically coarse, here lyrical, there boorish), yet each determined by the other and similar in tonal material zoom für apple herunterladen.

In the process, the musical notation emancipates itself rapaciously at times from context, score and recital, or plunders from things gone before, as on a raid sims 4en op laptop.

The piece ends – in a reverent nod to the Titanic – with a choral.

(Übersetzung: Caroly Kelly)

Written for and dedicated to Luka Juhart chip music for free legal.


17-12-2013 / Moscow (Russia) / Tschaikowski-Konservatorium / Sergej Tchirkov
13-12-2011 / München (Germany) / Sophiensaal / Marija Kandic
08-07-2011 / Würzburg (Germany) / Musikhochschule Würzburg / Marija Kandic
25-05-2011 / Leipzig (Germany) / Hochschule für Musik und Theater / Marija Kandic
25-11-2009 / Berlin (Germany) / Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung / Luka Juhart
20-10-2008 / Trossingen (Germany) / Musikhochschule (Konzertsaal) / Ina Hoffmann
12-10-2008 / Spaichingen (Germany) / Gesundheitszentrum / Ina Hoffmann
11-07-2008 / Würzburg (Germany) / Musikhochschule / Luka Juhart
26-07-2008 / Würzburg (Germany) / Musikhochschule / Luka Juhart
12-11-2007 / Leipzig (Germany) / Schumann-Haus / Luka Juhart / First performance


Ina Hoffmann –
Luka Juhart –
Marija Kandic –
Sergej Tchirkov –