Most of My Clients Come Back

2012-2013 ❚ Electric guitar and tape ❚ 9′

In Most of My Clients Come Back, I work with live guitar performance, loops, and a mono playback tape rollercoaster tycoon 1 download for free nederlands. The tape speaker is placed right next to the guitar amplifier. The piece comes with click track, to coordinate pre-recorded material with live performance and loop structures schnarchen herunterladen. The texts, narrated by Neil Thomas Smith, come from two different sources: The first text has to do with theory of orchestration, with what one scholar refers to as Background and Accompaniment do not firefox pdf. The other text has to do with prostitution, it is extracted from an actual commercial dating profile of a 20-year-old male prostitute. Both texts on a surface level are congruent in their terms of Escort and Accompaniment, and yet they show structural similarities on deeper levels, speaking of functionalism and hierarchical measuring of value google earth free pc. The speaking voice is applied several roles: as timbral colors in terms of orchestration and texture, as melodramatic elements (as in a radio play), and as self-referential comments on the piece’s own musical discourse and formal narration gratis spiele downloaden.

The work was premiered by and written for Nico Couck.


10-07-2015 / Stuttgart (Germany) / Music University / Examination concert / Timm Roller
29-04-2014 / Waldkraiburg (Germany) / Tom Pauwels
24-04-2014 / Boston / Goethe Institute / Nico Couck
20-04-2014 / New York (USA) / Tenri Cultural Institute / Nico Couck
21-01-2014 / Berlin (Germany) / Unerhörte Musik, bka Theater / Nico Couck
02-12-2013 / Leipzig (Germany) / Hochschule für Musik und Theater / Nico Couck
19-11-2013 / Treviso (Italy) / Festival L’Arsenale / Chiesa di San Gregorio / Tom Pauwels
07-11-2013 / Santa Barbara (USA) / University of California / Nico Couck
05-11-2013 / San Diego (USA) / University of California / Nico Couck
30-10-2013 / San Francisco (USA) / Center for New Music / Nico Couck
28-10-2013 / Denton (USA) / University of North Texas / Nico Couck
26-10-2013 / Dallas (USA) / Centraltrak / Nico Couck
15-10-2013 / Radio Klara (Belgium) / Broadcast / Nico Couck
10-10-2013 / Antwerpen (Belgium) / Nico Couck
26-03-2013 / Gent (Belgium) / Nico Couck / First performance


Nico Couck –
Tom Pauwels – Portrait