2006/2010 ❚ Wind orchestra ❚ 18′

Göta is a Swedish term boomwhackers notto download for free. It derives from the historic Götar, the Geats, who were a North Germanic tribe inhabiting what is now Götaland in modern Sweden. They were first mentioned by the Greek scholar Claudius Ptolemaeus (2nd century AD) herunterladen. More prominently, they later appear in the medieval epic poems of Beowulf, in which the so-called Swedish-Geatish wars are described.

Today, apart from being a Swedish female name, the term itself is not used as a word in its own right, but is still known in combinations such as Göta älv (which is the longest river in Sweden) or the Göta landsväg (a historic highway which dates back to the Middle Ages, in some parts even to the Viking Age, and which until the 16th century had connected Stockholm with the south) samsung kies für windows 10 herunterladen.

The composition consists of three movements, which follow one another without a break. The climax of the piece is a short and simple melody performed by the complete wind section, whereby all players perform their own tunes at their own individual pitch powerpoint app herunterladen. In the following third movement, the simplicity of melodic ideas is contrasted with the attempt to discover new perspectives of instrumental and orchestral colors kan ik microsoft office gratisen.

Picc, 2 Fl – 2 Ob, EH – PiccCl, 3 Cl, Acl, Bcl, Cbcl – 2 Bsn, Cbsn – SSax, 2 ASax, TSax, BarSax – 4 Hn – 2 Cnt – 3 Tpt – 2 Tbn, Btbn – Euph, 2 Tb – Timp, 4 Perc – Hp, Pno

Uraufführung: 28.11.2010, Harelbeke (Belgien)
Het Koninklijk Harmonieorkest Vooruit, Cond 3d models downloaden. Geert Verschaeve

1st Prize at the 2010 International Wind Ensemble/Concert Band Composition Contest, Harelbeke – Town of Music, Belgium