Premiere in Leipzig

Today, my new solo work for double bass Löschen und Laden (2015) will be premiered in Leipzig (Germany) yapma herunterladen. Bassist Caleb Salgado will also perform Helmut Lachenmann’s “Pression” (in his own recent version for double bass – exciting!) stop samsung. I began writing it in July and finished it just recently (at the time of the Paris attacks …). The work consists of two parts, is 23 minutes long, and the premiere will definitely be adventurous mail herunterladen! For the premiere, I arrived from Paris a few days ago (thanks for the ride from the airport, Blacklane), and I’d be happy to have an interested audiences there sims 4 studio herunterladen! Infos: forma Leipzig: “Tektonik 4”, Leipzig, 22 November 2015, 7 PM adblocker plus download.